Communicate Better with Parents

Daily Reports were developed
with the help of child care providers and parents.
We listened to their problems and integrated their feedback.


  • Take attendace with one click
  • View child schedule
  • View child alergy and medical information
  • Record meals and individual food amounts consumed
  • Record sleep
  • Record diaper change or a potty
  • Set up reminders for parents to bring supplies
  • Send daily report to parents


  • Set up multiple classrooms
  • Different options for toddlers or infants
  • Create custom meal schedule
  • View schedule
  • View available seats and real time counts per class
  • Manage child portfolio and forms
  • Manage incident reports
  • Send reports to parents

Our app runs on iPad. By focusing on one device only we can provide more superior product. The features were perfected to be maximally intuitive and efficient. You won't need a tutorial or a user manual to use it.

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